Frequently asked questions

Why do you think that what you do changes anything?

By organizing climate strikes we show the politicians that
we wish to see a more ambitious climate policy and an
end to the support of an economy based on fossil fuels.
From history we know that citizen’s initiatives play an
important roll in shaping politics and public opinion. The
more people join the movement, the faster we will reach
our goal. In addition to striking we raise public awareness
of the climate crisis by doing presentations and carrying
out guest hours, organizing movie nights and sharing
fact-based scientific information.

Are there other ways I can help if I can’t take part in
the strike?

If you can’t take part in the strike, but still which to make
your voice heard, then you can do that at the digital strike.
In addition, we are always looking for a helping hand with
organizing strikes and other events, communicating with the
media and many other activities. If you wish to join the
management team and contribute your time, then fill out the
volunteer form and we will contact you. Our work can
also be supported financially by donating the desired
amount here.

Who pays you?

All our work is voluntary and is based on everyone’s
personal wish to act in order to halt the climate crisis.
No climate striker gets paid to strike and all the expenses
related to organizing the strikes or other events
(stage, sound equipment, workspace rent, transport etc) is
covered from donations.

Why do you strike during school hours?

Striking during school hours shows that we take the matter
seriously. In a state of crisis we cannot casually continue
our lives as if nothing is wrong. In order to highlight the
severity of the situation, we must do something that steps
outside the norms of the system that created the problem.
Also striking during schooll hours shows attitudes based on
principle: Why study for a future, which won’t exist? Why go
to school, if warnings by scientists who went through the
same school system as us aren’t listened to?

If you need more information, email us: info[ät]